Delta Delta Delta

Alpha Chapter at Boston University


We think the best testament to the perpetual bond of friendship we foster here is what our sisters have to say themselves, rather than a long paragraph about it!

We recently asked our sisters what their favorite thing about our sisterhood is. Here's what they said:

"That I can be totally myself and know that my sisters love me for me and they'll always be there for me" -Brittany Ficaro

"That my sisters are always excited to see me" -Ally Kallfelz

"How wonderful, ambitious, and inspiring my sisters are" -Jenny Kim

"The openness and the support system" -Roman Valdes

"That I can always be authentic and know that I will have a group of supportive women there for me" -Alexa Lipkin

"All the love and support I get from my sisters" -Sammy Orlando

"Finding a home with awesome sisters who always love and support me" -Maria Yepes

"Knowing that I'll always have people to have a dance party with" -Raelynn Chu

"The support system" -Katherine Yu

"Being constantly inspired by all the good my sisters do" -Katie Hansen

"They are always there for me" -Natalie Seara

"Being real with each other" -Sophia Lu

"How welcoming everyone is and that I am accepted for being 100% myself" -Meg Flanagan

"All the best friends I've made" -Sarah Camel

"I feel free to be myself" -Samantha Dilsheimer

"Always knowing my sisters will have my back" -Madeline Rogers

"That I can be my unique self and feel unconditionally loved" -Hadley Hopkins

And one day, you or a sister, best friend, daughter, or cousin, could be a part of this incredible group, too!