Chapter Sisterhood

We think the best testament to the perpetual bond of friendship we foster here is what our sisters have to say themselves, rather than a long paragraph about it!

We recently asked our sisters what their favorite thing about our sisterhood is. Here's what they said:

"That I can be totally myself and know that my sisters love me for me and they'll always be there for me" -Brittany Ficaro

"That my sisters are always excited to see me" -Ally Kallfelz

"How wonderful, ambitious, and inspiring my sisters are" -Jenny Kim

"All the love and support I get from my sisters" -Sammy Orlando

"Finding a home with awesome sisters who always love and support me" -Maria Yepes

"Knowing that I'll always have people to have a dance party with" -Raelynn Chu

"The support system" -Katherine Yu

"Being constantly inspired by all the good my sisters do" -Katie Hansen

"They are always there for me" -Natalie Seara

"Being real with each other" -Sophia Lu

"How welcoming everyone is and that I am accepted for being 100% myself" -Meg Flanagan

"Always knowing my sisters will have my back" -Madeline Rogers

And one day, you or a sister, best friend, daughter, or cousin, could be a part of this incredible group, too!

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