Tri Delta

Alpha at Boston University


In Tri Delta, we believe that all sisters are students first.  

All sisters are required to maintain a GPI of 2.5; officers and those wishing to be considered for officer positions are required to maintain a 2.7 GPI.  The Academic Development Chairman works throughout the semester with sisters who fell below this requirement in the previous semester, as well as with those who may be at risk of not meeting the requirement or who want to improve their grades. The ADC can provide guidance in study and time management skills and is generally a rich source of support for those who want to grow academically.
While the GPI requirement may seem daunting for some, there are many sources of support both within the chapter and on BU's campus. 

This semester, we hold 6 hours of study time a week when sisters can get together in a classroom or the library and study together; each sister is required to come to at least 2 hours of this study time each month. Additionally, we have sisters hosting more study hours in different locations to account for everyone's schedules and study environment preferences. 

Our membership in Tri Delta encourages us to make and maintain commitments to academic success; some of the best support when you're struggling in a class or need someone to study with during finals can come from a sister!